Tax Receipts

Tax-Receipt Form


All donations made to Ajyal Center become tax-deductible starting from March 1, 2023. Contributions can be made in one of five ways:

  1. Cash: To receive a receipt, please hand over the cash and request a receipt at the time of donation, or place the money in an envelope (with your contact details) and drop it into the designated donation box. We strongly prefer the envelope method for proper tracking. Once donations are tallied, we will record the amount in our tax software to generate your receipt.
  2. Credit Cards/Debit Cards via Website: Kindly provide your contact information, and we will issue tax receipts accordingly.
  3. Credit Cards/Debit Cards at the Center’s machine: Although the machine does not capture your information, there are two solutions:
    1. Spend a few minutes with us to add your details to the machine for future donations (provided you use the same credit card).
    2. Maintain a record of your donations and email us at with the details. We will then issue receipts based on your records.
  4. Interac e-transfer: We have your donation records but require your information. Please complete the form provided.
  5. Monthly recurring Donations via Zeffy: You’re all set! Zeffy will directly send you the receipts.

We kindly ask all donors requiring tax receipts to complete the provided forms. This ensures we have the necessary information as required by the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency). Additionally, it’s strongly advised to maintain personal records of donations, as they may be needed for receipt issuance in certain instances. Lastly, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of the tax credit offered by the CRA for these donations.

For any inquiries, please reach out to us at